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The Architectural Photo Section is an extensive collection of photos relating to every aspect of Home Improvement, Construction, and Remodeling. In this section you will find photos of Architectural Design elements for homes including "Exterior Views" and "Interior Views" for a variety of Architectural Styles and Themes. You will find photos of log cabins, houseboats, vacation homes, beach houses, residential homes, vintage homes, and mansions! There are photos of Bedrooms, Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Living Rooms, and Baths! You will find photos showcasing hardwood floors, staircases, carpet & drapes, furniture & accessories, rain gutters, door hardware, cabinetry, floor tile, roofing materials, carpentry tools, foundations & framing, earthwork & plumbing, windows & skylights, electrical & lighting, heating & air-conditioning, and much more.

Search Tips: You may search with or without a Keyword! Keywords should be limited to one or two descriptive words. If you search by a Keyword and pick "All" in your "Idea Category", the entire Architectural Photo database will be searched for your Keyword. Searches result in a display of Thumbnail photos. Click on the Thumbnail desired for access to a full size image along with descriptive information! Selecting "All" without a Keyword will result in longer than desired photo download times, as all photos will be accessed. All searches are referenced to your local Zip Code above!
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